Lightweight Image Encryption Based on A Hybrid Approach

Alaa A. Jabbar Altaay - University of Mustansiriyah, Baghdad, Iraq
Jamal N. Hasoon - University of Mustansiriyah, Baghdad, Iraq
Hassan Kassim Albahadily - University of Mustansiriyah, Baghdad, Iraq

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A secure image could be achieved by encryption, a technique for securing images over different media transmission lines with privacy and keeping them safe for the receiver. This paper proposes an image encryption approach to achieve excellent security by combining a lightweight encryption algorithm with the chaotic Peter De Jong map. The Lilliput algorithm, lightweight encryption, uses the Peter De-Jones map to produce keys. The suggested approach achieved a suitable level of complexity that matched the historical demands for transmission images. Two methods were used to conduct the tests on a standard image collection: an encrypted image and a generated key. Standard metrics find the similarity between the input and output images to achieve an accurate proposal performance. The encrypted image's entropy was assessed and discovered that it matched the original image values exactly. The results were satisfactory regarding obtaining a precise correlation rate between the original and encrypted photos. The decryption and reconstruction of the image were completed quickly and steadily, with a high success rate and excellent outcomes. The proposed approach was evaluated on a dataset of well-known test photos with unique features, including varying degrees of lightness and shade to create the perfect test.


Chaotic Map; Lilliput lightweight encryption method; Chacha20-Hash Function.

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